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This book is EVERYTHING I have been Googling and researching and trying to piece together for months. There is just so much about SEO that has gone over my head...until now! This book is clear for a beginner like me. A stellar resource!

Roberts Boyd

I finally get it! Thank you Tanyi for putting all this information in one place. This is a great resource for my personal development blog. I  look forward to implementing what I’ve read.

Merria tea

What you will learn

How to prepare your website for SEO; the tools and plugins you will need(plus how to set them up).

You will know the different types of Google updates and it's effects on your website.

Simple Onpage and Offpage optimization techniques to help you rank(Plus recommended SEO tools)

How to do keywords research and how to use searcher Intent to your advantage

The most important ranking factor in 2021 and what it takes to rank on the first page of Google.

What you will learn